Tourist Season Spotlight: Louise Fenne and Zack Zdrale

Louise Fenne

The daughter of a Danish father and an English mother, Louise grew up and went to school in both Denmark and England. She later studied art in France, Sweden, Italy, and Amsterdam, where she met the artist Charles Weed, whom she later married. The two relocated to Lucca, Italy, and now split their time between Italy and Denmark. Known for her imaginative and thoughtfully created portraits and still life compositions, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Europe and the United States.

"Girl and Her Parrot," 23.5 x 25.5, oil on canvas

“Girl and Her Parrot,” 23.5 x 25.5, oil on canvas


Zack Zdrale

Originally from Wisconsin, where he earned his bachelor’s art degree in 1999, Zack now lives and works in San Francisco. After having completed a Master’s in figurative painting from the University of San Francisco, Zack currently teaches in their undergraduate and graduate Fine Art department. He works primarily with figures, often in works which explore aspects of the human condition and the concept of self. Though his subject matter is placed in the present, his style is distinctively classical, with detailed attention to anatomy, strong use of chiaroscuro, and a sense of drama.

Reflect 72

“Reflect,” 24×30, oil on panel

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Tourist Season Spotlight: Aaron Westerberg and Sherry Loehr

In continuing the preparations for May’s show “Tourist Season,” today we’re taking a moment to introduce Aaron Westerberg and Sherry Loehr.

Aaron Westerberg

Aaron lives in California, and has his whole life. As a young man growing up in San Diego, he fell in love with art after taking a traditional life drawing class. He continued his education at the California Art Institute and through studies with renowned painter Jeff Watts. As he furthered his studies, Aaron developed a strong affinity for nineteenth century American and European masters like Edmund Tarbel and John Singer Sargent. The way these artists have dealt with form and light has influenced Aaron in his own work, as he strives to create paintings which strike a balance between timeless, elegant, and contemporary. A member of many professional organizations such as the Portrait Society of America, the California Art Club, and Oil Painter of America, Aaron has also had his work featured in such periodicals as American Art Collector, the Artist Magazine, and more, and has had his work grace the cover of “Strokes of Genius.” Below is a work from “Tourist Season” entitled “Layna in Crimson.”


“Layna in Crimson,” 24×17, oil on panel

Sherry Loehr

After completed a degree in English and Art from the University of Colorado and a Master’s in Art Education from Columbia University, Sherry Loehr went in to spend 12 years designing and producing a line of whimsical ceramic tableware before shifting focus to painting. Known for her still life compositions and delicate painting techniques, Sherry has won numerous prestigious awards and has been included in many notable collections, including those of Carnegie Art Museum, Ritz Carlton, the City of Ojai, Museum of Ventura County, and more. She currently lives and works in Ojai, California. Below is one of three of Sherry’s works included in “Tourist Season” titled, “Still Life with Lemons.”

"Still Life with Lemons," 24x30, acrylic on board

“Still Life with Lemons,” 24×30, acrylic on board

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Tourist Season Spotlight: Brett Amory and Amy Lind

You may have read in our last post about the theme for the May exhibition at Principle Gallery. Titled “Tourist Season,” the show will be featuring an incredible group of artists whose work has never been shown on our walls! In continuing our series of blog posts about the artists included in the upcoming show, today we’re highlighting artists Brett Amory and Amy Lind.

Brett Amory

Brett was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia before relocating to California, where he currently lives and works in Oakland. In 2001, Brett began the “Waiting” series, for which he is now best known. The series depicts commuter subjects standing in wait, isolating the figure so as to create a piece which contemplates the detached sense of waiting that so many people feel in their everyday life. Favoring those who look lonely, awkward, or unusual, Brett takes photographs and paints studies which have a compelling emotional appeal. They reminds us of how often we, too, are distracted and introspective, mentally separated from the present moment. Though his work has begun to expand to explore more within the subject of the busy city, Brett also continues the “Waiting” series, and two works from this series will be featured in May’s show. Below is a work titled “Waiting #212″:

"Waiting 212," 36x36, oil on wood

“Waiting 212,” 36×36, oil on wood


Amy Lind

Originally from Chicago, Amy Lind now lives and works in Savannah, GA and has made quite the name for herself as a painter, particularly of portraits. Amy is known for her amazing ability to capture the “essence” of a subject in her painting. Though still quite young, Amy has already accumulated a great number of awards and accolades, including receiving the title of Southwest Art magazine’s “Artist to Watch: the Editor’s Choice for Up-and-Coming Talent,” honorable mentions from the Art Renewal Center’s International Salon, and having her paintings published in the New York Times best-selling children’s book “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me.” Skillfully created and infused with luminosity and a sense of tranquility, Amy’s work is beautiful, fresh, and exciting. Below is one of the two works from Amy featured in May’s show, entitled “Worthy of Love.”

"Worth of Love," 14x13, oil on linen

“Worth of Love,” 14×13, oil on linen

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Tourist Season Spotlight: Marina Dieul and Mark English

We could not be more pleased with the incredible turnout from last Friday’s 20th Anniversary celebration, not to mention the outstanding collection of artwork from this invitational. All it takes is one look at the variety and quality of the artwork currently covering the walls, and it’s clear why these amazing artists (not to mention the collectors who purchase their work!) have led to twenty successful years at Principle Gallery. Here’s to twenty more!

Feel free to check out our website or stop by the gallery in the next few weeks to check out the 20th Anniversary Invitational for yourself!

Switching gears, we thought it might be nice to use the blog as a place to highlight some of the artists who will be featured in May’s exhibition, entitled “Tourist Season”. Inspired by the influx of visitors to the greater DC area during this time of year, Principle Gallery will also be celebrating visitors, in the form of a stellar group of artists whose work has never been shown at our gallery before! Each blog post leading up to the May 16th opening reception of the show will feature some brief information about a couple of the artists whose work will be included in May’s “Tourist Season” show. Today, we’re highlighting Marina Dieul and Mark English.

Marina Dieul

Hailing originally from France, Marina has been painting since childhood. Eventually moving to Canada, where she currently resides, Marina has become a well known and highly regarded name in the art world, best known today for her evocative portraits and heart-melting depictions of small animals. Marina has been named a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, and has accumulated an impressive number of honors and accolades– last year alone, she received awards including First Place in The Artist Magazine Competition, All Media category, Award of Exceptional Merit and Best Portfolio Award at the National Portrait Society of America’s International Competition, and Second Place in the People and Figure Competition for International Artist Magazine…just to name a few.

Below is one of Marina’s paintings featured in May’s “Tourist Season” show, entitled “Minauderie 5″:

"Minauderie 5," 8x14.5, oil on panel

“Minauderie 5,” 8×14.5, oil on panel


Mark English

Born in Texas, self-taught painter Mark English has had an impressive journey as an artist. Originally a painter of signs for small-town businesses, Mark has developed outstanding notoriety  in the art world since his graduation from the Art Center College in Los Angeles in 1960. Now both a renowned illustrator and successful painter for galleries worldwide, Mark has been elected to the Illustrators Hall of Fame in New York and can count his work among numerous prestigious private collections around the globe. His unique style in both painting and illustration has garnered him literally hundreds of awards and the status of the most awarded illustrator in the history of the Society of Illustrators in New York. His paintings, typically mixed media portraits and landscapes, feature vibrant color and mesmerizing luminosity.

This landscape, titled “Moreno Valley,” is part of the upcoming “Tourist Season” invitational exhibition:

Morena Valley HR

“Moreno Valley,” 20×16, mixed media


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