New Works by Kevin Fitzgerald

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With the new year quickly approaching, we are getting ready for our annual Kevin Fitzgerald Solo Exhibition in March! Having already received seven new paintings,  we are excited to see what Kevin has in store for the show.

For over 20 years, Kevin has held a solo exhibition at our gallery every year, each one successfully illuminating his expertise of landscape painting. The artist has specifically mastered the use of soothing, vibrant pastels to illustrate nature’s array of hues. As seen in “Ocean Sundown,” Kevin is able to perfectly depict how the colors are shared between the sky and sea – the pinks of the sky diffuse into the dark sea and shore, as the ocean’s blues are reflected back into the sky.


“Ocean Sundown,” 24×48, oil on canvas

The painted color scheme of the environment is intensified even more so when Kevin’s pieces are placed under lighting. As the lighting dims, the brighter, warmer colors placed against the darker tones are accentuated. The transformation of the scene speaks to Kevin’s exceptional understanding of the balance and interplay between colors. Truly a sight to see in person!


“Golden Pond,” 12×24, oil on canvas

Come see these magnificent paintings for yourself at Kevin‘s March exhibition. And if you would like to be notified when his new works arrive at the gallery, click this link here!

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Congrats to Gavin Glakas!

To celebrate the 30 years of Senator Harry Reid’s service in office, Gavin Glakas had the honor of painting the Senator’s portrait! Well-known for painting portraiture, Gavin was asked to produce the portrait meant to hang in the U.S. Capitol near the Senate chamber. Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among other governmental officials, were keynote speakers who spoke very highly of Gavin’s piece commemorating Senator Reid.


Click the video below to watch the unveiling! And for reference, Gavin speaks around the time 1:09:30.

We would like to congratulate Gavin on this huge accomplishment. Due to Gavin’s masterful work, Senator Reid’s legacy can live on and stand the test of time in the halls of the Capitol.

To view more works by the artist or learn more about him, click this link! As always, feel free to contact the gallery if you have any questions or would like to have a piece commissioned by Gavin.

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Small Works and Bethanne Kinsella Cople

Following tradition, we held our annual “Small Works” exhibition this weekend alongside the Scottish Christmas Walk parade! We were happy to feature works from our usual artist roster, like Geoffrey Johnson and Robert Liberace, as well as display some pieces by visiting artists, such as those by Ski Holm. In addition to the opening of the show, we also had the pleasure of Bethanne Kinsella Cople paint for a live demonstration.



As a teacher and professional artist, Bethanne was more than able to communicate her process and techniques to the audience. She gave us insight into how she uses only one thin palette knife in combination with a wide range of brushes to create the masterpieces we display in the gallery. It soon became evident during the demonstration that her warming and thoughtful advice to visitors further encouraged them to pursue their artistic endeavors.


After four hours of work with brief interjections for commentary, Bethanne finished her painting, “Ever let the Fancy Roam.” As with all of her work, the artist titled the piece in tribute to a poem. For the live painting demonstration, Bethanne was inspired by the poem “Fancy” by John Keats.




“Ever let the Fancy Roam” is currently on display at the gallery and is available for purchase! For more details about the painting, the artist, or general inquiries, please feel free to contact the gallery!


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Root to Bloom Opening Reception

After months of promotion, nearly a thousand submitted artworks, and tons of preparation, we finally held the opening reception for the juried exhibition “Root to Bloom: The Places Artists Call Home” last Friday evening. With over 70 artists included in the show, we were hoping that a few would be able to join us for the evening–and we received a huge and pleasant surprise! Over 40 of the included artists joined us to celebrate the show opening on Friday, and between the artists, their friends and family, and the gallery’s circle of collectors and friends, it was quite the bash!


Earlier that day, Meg Aiken was awarded the Social Media Choice Award for all of the votes on her painting, “Home Away from Home.” Friday evening, Victoria Kilcullen of Christie’s International Real Estate presented a Christie’s-sponsored award to Carl Ahlman for his landscape, titled “View.”


(left) Meg Aiken, “Home Away from Home”; (right) Carl Ahlman, “View”

Gallery director Clint Mansell then handed out the awards and cash prizes for the top three paintings in the show, which included Kerry Dunn’s “3w4e44455555eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” in first place, Corey Pitkin’s “Groundhog’s Day” in second place, and Christine Lashley’s “Yellow and Gold” winning third place.


(left) Kerry Dunn, “3w4e44455555eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”; (middle) Corey Pitkin, “Groundhog’s Day”; Christine Lashley, “Yellow and Gold”

Principle Gallery offers its sincere thanks to everyone who participated in this amazing exhibition, and to all those who attended the incredible reception on Friday. If you haven’t yet had a chance to see Root to Bloom in person yet, be sure to stop by! The exhibition will be hanging through the end of November. If you can’t come by in person, please enjoy the digital preview on our website here!

Principle Gallery staff with guest juror Teresa Oaxaca

Principle Gallery staff with guest juror Teresa Oaxaca

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